Laduree Paris… and some Fauchon too!

While on our trip to Paris, we made it our goal to visit the most gorgeous and delicious pastry shops, or “or patisseries” as they would call them. At first it was a regular business trip about  brainstorming and getting new ideas for Frost Your Life, but then it became the best business trip of our lives! It was a magical trip, in a city where pastries were delicious everywhere! From the tiniest pastry shop located in a corner, to the biggest pastry shops in Champs Élyées. Between hunting down “patisseries” such as Pierre Hermés, Patisserie des Reves, Fauchon, Laduree… and sight seeing our four day trip left us exhausted!

After a whole lot of discussion and analyzing we narrowed our favorites down to two! Fauchon and Laduree. In the end we chose Laduree as our favorite and the one to be featured in this post! Even though Fauchon is one of the best pastry shops in all of Paris, every Pastry Chef’s dream job, we considered Laduree as our favorite because its overall appeal and charm is similar to what we some day hope to accomplish with Frost Your Life. That gorgeous little shop where everything is pastel colored and classic. But still we couldn’t deprive you of getting a look at Fauchon, so after all the wonderful Laduree photos you’ll find delicious looking photos of Fauchon too!

We loved every pastry we tried in Paris, the legendary parisien macaroons, baba au rhum, fraisier, Paris brest, St. Honore, Fraisier, the challenging Opera, lemon meringue pie, tartlets, raspberry everything! We loved Paris, we’re looking forward to making Frost Your Life more “parisien”.


IMG_4422 IMG_4421



And now the more contemporary Fauchon…


fauchon 2fauchon


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