Brigadeiro Tutorial


Brigadeiros are delicious brazilian candies, usually taken as dessert and handed out at birthday parties. They’re technically new to our culture, and are very resemblant to chocolate truffles. Ever since the first time we tried them, we’ve been trying to get our hands on the recipe, and ever since we got the recipe, we’ve been trying to make them perfectly.

Here are some different types of brigadeiros from our new brazilian cookbooks. Today we will be doing regular brigadeiros, to get things started, but soon we’ll be making all sorts of brigadeiros on our blog!

Photo May 15, 5 32 51 PM Photo May 15, 5 32 53 PM Photo May 15, 5 32 54 PM

We are dying to sink our teeth into these delicious Vodka and Caiprinha Brigadeiros. Photo May 15, 5 33 57 PM


You will need:

  • 1 can sweet condensed milk
  • 3 tbsps of cocoa powder
  • 1 heaping tbsp butter
  • Enough cooking spray to coat your hands and a plate

Photo Apr 13, 3 08 46 PM

First of all coat a ceramic plate in cooking spray, make sure to get an even coating, the dough will stick to the plate if otherwise.

In a sauce pan place all the ingredients, at first stir occasionally just to make sure all the ingredients are combined. Once all ingredients are combined, bring to a boil, and once its boiling it is esencial that you never stop stirring, we recommend you use a spatula to make sure you scrape the bottom and corners of the saucepan. The right texture for the mixture is similar to the texture of a cooked pastry cream, if you haven’t done pastry creams before, you will start to notice that while you mix instead of it pouring to the sides again, the mixture will start to stick together, and as you scrape of the pan the film of mixture left behind is very thin.




Once you’ve cooked the dough, move to the plate we previously greased. Let chill in the refrigerator, until mixture is completely cold.  When the mixture is cold, coat your hands in cooking spray, preferably butter flavored. In a separate bowl, place all your sprinkles. Roll with your hands about 1 inch diameter balls, and then drop them in the bowl of sprinkles and roll them around inside, the sprinkles will adhiere to the surface of the balls. Once you’re done, let them rest for a while so they finish cooling, so they maintain a round shape.

PicMonkey Collage


Photo Apr 13, 5 12 45 PM






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