Mustache Birthday Party!!

Everyone is enraged with mustaches, mustache iphone covers, mustache¬†T-shirts, mustache keychains, so normally people would want mustache parties, and Frost Your Life is the one to deliver! For this party we catered the desserts, handmade mustache decals & mustache souvenirs! … Continue reading

Halloween Special!

Its Halloween again! And its time for trick or treat! Truly the best part are the treats, and of course it lies in the hands Frost Your Life, to provide those treats for you. This halloween besides all the delicious cupcakes, popcorn treats, and merengues, this year we brought halloween to life with our Jack O’Lanterns!

Witch Popcorn Goodie Bags, Pink Buttercream Spider Cupcakes, Chocolate Mummy/Casket Cupcakes.